Sunday, 16 November 2014


Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image ...”
God initiated this conversation and the other two members of the Trinity wholeheartedly joined in to complete the task of creating Man in the image of the Trinitarian God. (An important step in building fellowship - there is always the need for an initiator in the fellowship process.)
There was unity, fellowship and togetherness within the Godhead as they created us. This capability of fellowship was transferred to us when They created us in Their image. We therefore have, built into us, the capability for deep and close fellowship with one another.
We were made to come together in unity and in doing so, represent God to the rest of creation. We did not have to learn and internalise this capability of fellowship; it was built in. We see a demonstration of this capacity for fellowship, within humanity, in the construction of the tower of Babel.
Yet, this activity of constructing a tower was disapproved by God and He scattered the people. God's disapproval of the activity in Babel implies that unity and fellowship, by itself, is not what God approves. Fellowship has to be for the right purpose.
This transports us to the high mission for pursuing fellowship. The purpose of fellowship, within humanity, is to represent God, His nature and character. This would then mean that in any arena of fellowship within humanity, whether it is the family, church, organisations or even the nation, the purpose is to represent God.

When we experience conflict in any arena of fellowship, the solution is not about finding the middle ground or making every stakeholder feel happy, but to discover, TOGETHER, what is God’s character and nature and how the Trinitarian God can be represented. When we seek this purpose in our fellowship, we will find that we are able to arrive at this destination, since this capacity has been built into us.

Unfortunately we have been made to believe that this high mission is unattainable. This is a lie that has been forced on us and we live and behave as slaves to this lie. God has built fellowship into us. He not only built the capacity of fellowship into us, He also created us to, TOGETHER, be His representatives to the rest of creation. This is a double blessing that God has bestowed on us.
We can be God’s representatives to the whole of creation only when we came TOGETHER. Contrarily, if we do not come TOGETHER, there is no way that creation can know God. Instead, we can cause huge harm when we allow conflicts to continue in our families, churches, organisations and nations.
Creation is languishing, waiting for men to come together to represent God and we are losing the opportunity to experience the character and nature of God in our fellowship. We desperately need initiators of fellowship today.

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  1. 'The purpose of fellowship, within humanity, is to represent God, His nature & character.' very powerful & meaningful. I also like the contrast with the Tower of Babel 'unity & fellowship' just for the sake of it.